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Few hundred Ultras broke into the training centre of Olympique de Marseille

olympique marseille official statement

Today an extraordinary incident happened in the French South, in Marseille. As the club’s official statement says:

Olympique de Marseille strongly condemns the unacceptable attack on the club this afternoon inside the Robert-Louis Dreyfus training centre.

A few hundred individuals from Ultras supporters groups broke into the site of the Commanderie’s training centre, including the professional group’s building, by force, and with violence.

Despite the intervention of the police, an unjustifiable outbreak of violence endangered the lives of those present on the site (players, staff, law enforcement, security guards, employees). Thefts were perpetrated and vehicles were damaged. Five trees were burnt with the sole intention of destruction. Damage inside the buildings amounted to several hundred thousand euros.

These irresponsible and unacceptable actions must be condemned with the utmost severity. Olympique de Marseille has all the evidence. They were immediately passed on to the investigators. Complaints will be filed in the next few hours to assert the club’s rights against this barbarity.

For now it remains unknown whether further actions by club’s officials have taken place. Steve Mandanda, team’s legend and captain expresses sadness because of todays violence and believes that the actions of those people are totally unacceptable.


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