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Robert Lewandowski breaks another goal record

Robert Lewandowski Bayern-munchen-bundesliga-football-gururobert-lewandowski-bayern-munchen-bundesliga-football-guru

Polish International has scored 24 goals in the first half of the current 2020/21 season. More than any other player in the history of Bundesliga!

Can Robert break the “eternal” Gerd Mueller’s record of 40 goals in a single season? With so many matches still to play it is very possible. Interestingly enough that the polish striker missed tree games this season: “I missed three games. Who knows what I could have achieved if I didn’t?”.

Just to recap: in all competitions, Lewandowski’s 55 goals in 47 matches in previous season of 2019/20 actually outstripped Mueller’s 50 goals from 48 games five decades ago. Moreover, in 2020/21 Robert’s once again going at a cruiser speed when you hold his strikes up against that remarkable 40-goal effort of Der Bomber.


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